Thursday, May 26, 2011


Directed by Rob Reiner
Starring Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon, Mandy Patinkin, Christopher Guest, André The Giant, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, Mel Smith, Fred Savage, Peter Falk

The Princess Bride is a genuine 80's adventure classic. It's held up high by critics everywhere and it has a strong fan base which thinks it's a true cult classic. I found it to be fucking boring, irritatingly wannabe silly, not funny at all and overrated to say the least. So why is this film revered so highly? I tried to analyze the said question and actually and honestly couldn't find a single reason. The adventure itself must've looked good on paper but the execution is joyless, flat and even arrogant. I've also been planning to finally see the other legendary Reiner/Guest-collaboration, This Is Spinal Tap (1984) but this was such a set back that I think I'll need time to build back my confidence. This film thinks it's witty and ironic without being neither and humorous and adventurous ending up being plain stupid. For a proper entertaining 80's fantasy adventure, turn to Willow (1988). I'll give one extra point for the few jokes that made me smile. A bit.

The Princess Bride eli suomalaisittain Prinsessan Ryöstö on aito, korkeasti kriitikoiden ja katsojien arvostama kasariseikkailuelokuva ja omasta mielestäni se oli aivan helvetin hirveää sontaa. Elokuva koettaa olla itseironinen tällaisia sankareita ja myyttisiä olentoja esitteleviä seikkailuja kohtaan, mutta tulos on latteasti ohjattu ja suoraan sanottuna vitun tylsä. Suokaa anteeksi karkea ranskani, mutta odotin tältä filmiltä oikeasti paljon jo taitavan ohjaajansa, Reinerin (Kunnian Miehiä [1992], Piina [1990]) ansiosta ja odotukseni ammuttiin alas täyslaidallisella. Vain muutamat irtohetket onnistuivat saamaan jotain hymyn kaltaista pärställeni ja lopun aikaa huomasin välillä naksuttelevani sormiani tylsyydestä. Tasottoman mielikuvituksettomat ja kliseiset lavasteet saavat ekstra miinukset. Tajuton pettymys etenkin maineensa huomioon ottaen. Jos haet oikeasti viihdyttävää kasariseikkailua niin katso Willow (1988).

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to see this one! Some movies are so bad you just want to watch them... And laugh! Have you already seen the new Pirates of the Carribean movie?

I would love to see your review on:
- Orphan
- The Resident
- Trailer Park Boys The Movie (have you seen the series? You would love them!!!)

And could you do a post of your all yime favourite movies/series?

EdWood said...

Haven't seen the new Pirates yet, but I did see Thor yesterday and I will write a review soon.

Also, I've seen Orphan and will do a review on it since I really welcome input from readers. After all, you are the reason I write this stupid dribble of mine :)

A list of favorite movies/series sounds like a good idea so I'll post it soon.

Sincerely thank you for your questions and ideas. They're always welcome :)