Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, it's been an interesting year for the silver screen. I'm not a professional critic by any means and thus don't have equal opportunity to see as many films, but I have to say that for me of the movies I did see, Inception was clearly the best film of the year. If Oscar nominations don't come knocking, the gala's already shaky credibility will reach new highs. And by shaky credibility I mean, just to name a couple, the lack of crucial nominations for The Dark Knight and the fact that Stanley Kubrick never won a statue himself. That's just gotta be embarrasing.

I have a couple of questions and it would be interesting to hear my readers' opinions..

A) What did you think of Inception?

B) Which men-on-a-mission film was better?
 - The Expendables
 - The A-Team

C) Your own personal favorite for 2010?

Send your answers as comments (link on the top left corner of this post).

Thank you all for reading my dribble. I'll be back at it next year.


Suihkari said...

A) crap :P

B) The A-Team

C) Avatar Or The Social Network (Maybe Avatar More)

EdWood said...

Only one reply? Really? :)

Anonymous said...

A) Really good!

B) The A-team

C) Inception, Wall Street - money never sleeps