Friday, May 28, 2010


Directed by Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a controversial figure to say the least. He is of course known for sticking up for the blue collar worker, but also accused of distorting or getting his facts wrong. What you think of the man himself or his movies, is irrelevant because ultimately what matters and is an unquestionable fact is that his heart is in the right place with his quest for the truth behind 9/11, US health care and the outrageous outsourcing of hard workers when the businesses themselves are making HUGE profits.

 Capitalism: A Love Story is Moore's look at the finacial breakdown and the people who benefitted from it and of those who were destroyed as a result.. for the latter there are synonyms, the poor and the middle class.

 Greed is a powerful motivating factor. There was no need to bring this point across with a documentary. For some people, that is. The every day person is usually blind to the world around them and basically only cares about the day ahead going to a certain nice flow and ease. They don't want to think how the system that's supposed to take care of them has abandoned them years ago, because what could they do? Realistically? Not much. And if they could, they are too busy and tired from their nine-to-five job and family to pick up a sign and join a small demonstration against these money men who keep running to the bank. This is the case in the States, but although we have it better here in Finland, don't for a second think that it couldn't come to that way over here as well. Who's to say that it hasn't started or isn't already.

Kiistellyn dokumentaristi Michael Mooren elokuva maailmanlaajuisen laman alkujuurista ja tutkimus ihmisistä jotka hyötyivät tilanteesta ja heistä jotka menettivät kaiken. Filmi on surullista ja aidosti masentavaa katseltavaa ja oli itse Mooresta sitten epäilevää tai kannustavaa mieltä, niin sydämensä ainakin on oikeassa paikassa, kun mies ryhtyy ristiretkelleen työläisen puolesta.