Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Directed by Robert Luketic
Starring Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, John Michael Higgins

The calculating studio machine behind these American romantic comedies coughs up again and the result is exactly what they must've concluted the meeting with that greenlit this script: "Well shit, at least it'll make it's budget back and rise the status of it's leading stars". There cannot've been ANYONE down the line who went "What a great fucking script! So fresh and original! We must do this damn thing immediately!".

The story follows Heigl's TV-producer who's awkward with men and can't get a single one of her dates to like her. Que Butler's chauvinist TV-personality who stirs the whole thing up and teaches her how the mind of man works. Any guess as to how this film's going to end for these characters?!

Predictability isn't this film's main flaw because there's nothing wrong with using old ingredients for creating something fresh out of them. It's the plain and obvious feeling you get, of the satisfied studio execs sitting around, puffing their big, fat stogies and laughing their asses off while giggling "See? You don't really need to work on the script! They'll eat the half boiled egg too!". Because that's what these movies feel like: half-assed works of work, not passion. What little humor comes out of this movie are a couple of amusing setups and whatever charisma Butler has.

Wanna see a good goddamn romantic comedy? Turn to the Brits and watch Notting Hill or Love Actually. Now those are good romantic comedies. Oh, I did forget the genuinly good effort from the States that is Sleepless In Seattle. Credit where credit is due.

Romanttinen tusinatuote, johon on yritetty puhaltaa henkeä hieman erilaisten lähtökohtien avulla, mutta silti lopulta seuraten kuluneita polkuja. Harlekiineja lukevat romantikot saanevat tosin tästäkin tarvittavan annoksensa, mutta meidän muiden on kenties parempi tukeutua brittien ja tarkemmin ottaen Richard Curtisin pettämättömään tuotantoon, kuten Bridget Jones, Merirosvoradio tai Rakkautta Vain.



tinssu said...

Siis mitä vikaa. Ugly truthan oli ihan v*n hyvä. Ja Gerard on such a babe :D

EdWood said...

Sä et tinssu kulta tiedä mistä puhut :D