Thursday, May 13, 2010


Directed by Matthew Vaughn
Starring Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong

  I really went in with high expectations, since the one movie magazine in which I trust more than anything else, Empire, gave Kick-Ass a full five stars. And luckily that was pretty close to home. This is a wild and outrageous comic book film, that has the BALLS to be something truly different. First, it's heavily R-rated which gives the script free range to do anything it fucking well wants to and second, it has a gorgeous career making performance from the 13 year old, foul mouthed Moretz as Hit-Girl.

 Johnson plays Dave, a guy fed up with the crime and scum infested city he lives in, but more importantly, he can't believe there aren't any real-life superheroes to stand up to that scum. He gets a costume and decides to be the one to tackle evil and manages to score some publicity. This is where armed-to-the-teeth Big Daddy and his daughter Hit-Girl step in and together they start cleaning the mess up. This, however doesn't sit well with Strong's gangster who begins to hunt them in turn.

 Kick-Ass would be basically a very ordinary Disney family film, if the filmmakers wouldn't have had the vision to go with a fresh perspective and include harsh, even gory action scenes. It's thanks to this vision that Kick-Ass is easily lifted above the standard tosh that are films such as Daredevil and Ghost Rider. The script is laced with funny set-ups and the whole thing just has an easy going laid back flow, which allowes you to really relax and enjoy the show. Besides, Moretz's Hit-Girl really cannot be praised enough. This is a sweet looking 11-year old, gun toting heroine who can curse the sailors out of a waterfront bar! "Okey you cunts.. let's see what you can do now!"

Kick-Ass on hulvattoman nokkelan käsikirjoituksen ja rohkean goren siivittämä supersankariraina, joka ei pahemmin kumartele poliittisesti ja rahallisesti korrekteille vaatimuksille siitä mitä tällaisen elokuvan pitäisi olla. Elokuvan ehdoton kerma on Moretzin täydellisesti tulkitsema, 11-vuotias Hit-Girl, joka kiroilee kuin seilori, vetää rosvoja turpaan ja toivoo isukilta synttärilahjaksi perhosveitsiä! Minäkin haluan tuollaisen mukulan!